English Track

The two-day main Conference programme was packed from morning to night with a content-rich line-up presented by more than 133 expert speakers and 42 facilitators.

English Track keynote speakers, Bishop Efraim Tendero, World Evangelical Alliance; Dr Mark Beliles, Global Transformation Network & the America Transformation Company; Rev Guna Raman, City to City Movement & Agape Baptist Church; Mr Joseph Chean, Fellowship of Missional Organisations of Singapore (FOMOS) & Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Singapore; and Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon, Retired Methodist Bishop; led Bible Studies, Plenaries in the Leaders Track, Morning and Night Programmes as well as workshops together with other specialists in different aspects of urban missions.

With the overarching theme of 'Urban Realties, Seeing Possibilities', the morning plenaries showcased four important aspects of urban missions-related topics: livelihood and the marketplace, navigating digital spaces, growing the urban church and hope amidst social realities. Delegates had opportunities to engage with one another during these plenaries, through interactive games, videos and discussions.

There were also 12 Circles of Passion (COP) lunch-time networking sessions that looked at different urban-related topics like developing a viral church, giving voice to the voiceless, tapering the wealth gap, inter-generational disconnect; education; and riding the digital wave. During these sessions – like-minded participants had opportunities to engage and discuss with specialist speakers to be further empowered and enriched. Close to 600 participants participated in the COPs and learnt from one another and shared ideas and resources. Possible long-term endeavours were also explored.

Participants then adjourned in the afternoons to attend up to two of the 55 TED-style workshops on each of the two days. With the theme 'Embracing Realities, Creating Opportunities', these were organized along four tracks – Multicultural Mix, Ministry Mandate, Maturity March and Megashift Mastery. Topics included reaching out to migrants; discipling international professionals and students; cross-cultural communication; urban poor; arts ministries; ministry to the exploited, the heart-broken, the dysfunctional and the broken-spirited; multi-lingual education; using sports as a catalyst; business for transformation; marketplace mentoring and workplace collaborations; and harnessing technology and digital spaces and so forth.

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